BlackSmithing Chaw



The symbol for the Blacksmithing Chaw is a forged iron tree

Messages From Ryb and LietentantsEdit

Chaw MembersEdit


First LietentantEdit

Second LieutenantEdit


  1. Heather
  2. Sunest



Former MembersEdit



Trainies (not guardians yet)Edit

  1. Blacksmithing Chaw Trainies members can take orders for battle claws and other various weapons
  2. Blacksmithing Chaw Trainies can sort different metals needed for weapons
  3. Blacksmithing Chaw Trainies can make bowls and buckets
  4. Blacksmithing Chaw Trainies can polish weapons


  1. Blacksmithing Chaw Guardians can take in coals and sort the different kinds or coals
  2. Blacksmithing Chaw Guardians can make shields and swords and training claws
  3. Blacksmithing Chaw Guardians can sharpen weapons

1 months after GuardianEdit

  1. Blacksmithing Chaw Guardians can make battle claws
  2. Blacksmithing Chaw Guardians can light forges

Lietenants OnlyEdit

  1. After enough training, Blacksmithing Chaw Lietentants may be able to catch weak coals, however, the coals they catch will not be very hot


  1. Blacksmithing Chaw Members spend a lot of time in the forge
  2. Blacksmithing Chaw Members may appear very dusty
  3. Blacksmithing Chaw Members are not as good with battle claws as other claws

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