Ga'Hoolology Chaw



The symbol for the Search and Rescue Chaw is a molted feather.

Message from Ryb and LietentantsEdit

Chaw MembersEdit


First LietentantEdit

Second LieutenantEdit



Up for adoptionEdit

Former MembersEdit





  1. Ga'Hoolology Chaw Trainies can pick milkberries
  2. Ga'Hoolology Chaw Trainies know the types of plants
  3. Ga'Hoolology Chaw Trainies know whether a plant is poisonious


  1. Ga'Hoolology Chaw Guardians can plant milkberries
  2. Ga'Hoolology Chaw Guardians can identify the cause of death of a plant upon sight

1 Month after GuardianEdit

  1. Ga'Hoolology Chaw Guardians know how long the plant has been growing on sight

2 Months after GuardianEdit

  1. Ga'Hoolology Chaw Guardians can identify what the plant needs to survive on sight

Ryb and LietentantsEdit

  1. Ga'Hoolology Ryb and Lietentants can tell whether an owl has been poisoned from a plant and what type of poisen it is and the correct treatment for the poison


  1. Ga'Hoolology Chaw Members are like nature a lot
  2. Ga'Hoolology Chaw Members are pacifists
  3. Ga'Hoolology Chaw Members are very kind and nice
  4. Ga'Hoolology Chaw Members are good with plants

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