Sulawesi Owl (Tyto rosenbergii rosenbergii)
Honey is a female Barn Owl, and is the daughter of Ginger and Denel. She has a brothers, Cody, and a younger sister named Allemira. She lives at the Great Ga'Hoole tree with her siblings and mother.


Ginger and Denel, Honey's parents, hear the eggs crack. The egg cracks, and Honey, along with her brother Cody, has hatched. Originally, her parents wanted to name her Shiarla, but because of the light honey-like color in the heart on her face, she is named Honey instead.

Two weeks later, Honey and Cody begin branching. Later one night, Honey has her First Bones Ceremoney. Denel and Gunger then go hunting, and leave their children in bed hidden in a blanket of moss and dow.

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