Sunest on a poll made by the Others
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Kammyus
Status alive
Species Barn Owl
Chaw Blacksmithing chaw
Feather Color brown and white
Eye Color black
Affiliation Gaurdian in training
Weapons Battle claws he makes
Missions Make Night Ice new battle claws and a helmet to replace his old, rusty weapons and helmet (finished), make a helmet for Amber

Sunest Kammyus is one of Night Ice's freinds. He is a Barn Owl.


Nobody knows the story of Sunest. He was just found one day in an old Fir Tree in the forest of Tyto by Night Ice (the grandson of Boron). The two instantlty became freinds. Sunest traveled with Nighti on a journey to the great tree.

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