• CoolCool22


    April 8, 2014 by CoolCool22

    Name: Sharp

    Gender: Male

    Parents: Eligtia ( mother )

    Species: Snowy owl

    Chaw?: ( if there is a combat chaw , he'd be in it )

    Appearance: He is white with black spots on his chest and has a battle scar across his left eye.

    Personality: Hes a bit temperish at times but hes nice to all owls of the tree , he cares for one another , he loves to fly into monsunes to clear his mind, hes very smart , and He helps others who are injured , angry or lonely , he has yellow eyes and is 3-4 years old ( in human years hes 15 )

    History: 1 year before Soren was born , Sharp was born in the great tree , though he had snowy parents that cared for him , he was orphaned at 6 months old due to one particular night in battle , he was eventualy at 11 months old when a o…

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